About Us

What is InfoKendra?

InfoKendra, as the name says Kendra which means center, and info means information, The center of information. Anyone looking for any kind of information related to government schemes, policies, and educational updates and opportunities like scholarship information, Infokendra is the place. At infoKendra.in we gather information, assess the information we got, and present it in the easiest understandable, and readable way possible. Our objective is to eliminate any delay in the flow of information from the source to the end-user but we make sure to assess it in the best way possible as we at InfoKendra understand our responsibility towards our readers.

About our Writers

Our writers are experienced enough and they have a journalism background. They handle the process of acquiring information from the official government portals and credible news portals and after that assessment is done under which there are multiple fact checks, then we add our own research to it, and finally, the information is crafted in the easiest understandable, and readable way possible. Our writers do this process every day and efficiently enough to provide all the latest information as fast as possible without compromising the quality of information. Users can read more about our writer’s team through other social media channels given below.

How we run the platform?

As of now, our only objective is to provide value in the form of information to our readers and we are taking the cost on us for that. In the future, if we add a monetization model to run the platform we will make sure to update it here.

Why InfoKendra & not other similar portals?

A curious reader is a smart reader, We know there are multiple other information portals out there on the web so what makes us different? We would ask everyone who has this question in their head to try visiting those portals and you will get your answer as almost all of those platforms are primarily there to make more and more money through excessive advertisement. It is pretty clear from their portals that money over reader value is their strategy. whereas we at InfoKendra would always prefer our readers over ay monetization method.

Our information is credible, trusted, and referred to by other value-providing portals as well.