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A lot of students are searching for The Hindu PDF newspaper every single day, I mentioned students because The Hindu Pdf is preferred mostly by the aspirants preparing for competitive exams like UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission ), SSC ( Staff Selection Commission ), and other exams for the Indian Railways and banking, etc.

The Hindu officially publishes their ePaper on their official portal which can be accessed at and the publishers offers 2 types of ePaper which are as follows:

  • Standard Paper
  • UPSC Paper
The HIndu PDF paper

The Hindu Newspaper Pdf

Newspaper NameThe Hindu
Official PortalCheck here
FounderG. Subramania Iyer
Editor & PublisherSuresh Nambath & N. Ravi
HeadquartersChennai, India

Why Students Prefer The Hindu Newspaper?

The Hindu PDF has always been the first choice of students preparing for competitive exams because of some of the factors that are mentioned below:

Note – The points mentioned below are coming straight out from other aspirants like you.

  • Facts and accuracy

All the right facts & accuracy are the need of students preparing for such exams and in the era of manipulated media, there are only a few sources to get the accurate or true facts. The Hindu is considered one of them by all the aspirants.

  • Defined Target Audience & Refined News Updates

Even before they had a specific version for the UPSC aspirants, only the news which is worth reading used to be published and there was no Bollywood & masala section and that is one of the reasons behind The Hindu Pdf being preferred over all other newspapers pdfs by the UPSC students or other competitive exams students.

You will find several articles & videos on the right way to read the Hindu newspaper Pdf & these videos are created by some teachers and other aspirants, through this we can understand how popular the newspaper is among students.

Focus on these points of the Hindu pdf

Most of the aspirants and teachers suggest focusing on the following points:

  • Editorial page
  • Parliamentary Debates
  • Verdicts of the high courts and the Supreme Court
  • Government Policies and Schemes updates, for which Infokendra portal was developed.
  • All the Important issues of Nation and international as well

Downloading The Hindu pdf daily newspaper for Free?

All the aspirants reading this article are preparing for such prestigious positions in our bureaucracy. This preparation itself comes with very strong responsibility and we agree to the fact that a big percentage of these aspirants comes from a financially weaker section of the society. There are 2, 3 websites providing the pdf files of a newspaper which is paid and according to the Copyright Act as well as the Information Technology Act Section 43, which I assume you all aspirants must be aware of, It is illegal and consequences of doing so can be legal action against the provider.

The news and data can be manipulated as it is easy to manipulate the pdf files which are being circulated by such websites that are breaking laws and rules just to make the ad revenue, If these sites can break the laws then how are you so sure about the PDF files of The Hindu not being manipulated? There is no surety that the information you are reading is 100% accurate and not manipulated by the website that is providing it for FREE.

Students like you will be the person responsible to maintain the laws and regulations & violating the same laws to reach that level, is it the right way? We understand some students are not capable of paying for the subscription but there are multiple ways to solve that issue, you can either ask for the paper from your friends or network. The websites providing these PDFs will be taken down within days or weeks but your preparation won’t end there, right? But don’t worry we understand your situation and we won’t disappoint you, you came here for the Hindu Pdf and you will get it.

Note:- By promoting or using pirated content don’t invite civil or criminal charges while preparing for such a prestigious exam

Procedure to Access the Hindu Newspaper PDF file.

As we mentioned above that we won’t disappoint you but we won’t break the law as well, so the good news for you guys is out of all the readers, reading this article, we will be sponsoring the membership of 10 aspirants and all they have to do is comment down below and let us know why they are the most deserving candidate.

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One more alternative, if you can’t afford the newspaper subscription is to watch the videos created specifically on The Hindu News updates and analysis on youtube channels, click on the button below to access the videos:

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